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Ceramics art show features professor’s work

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A ceramics art show is underway at Bethel College. The show features pieces from Suzanne Mauro, associate faculty in art ceramics. The show started Saturday, Sept. 7 2013 and runs until Friday, Oct. 4 2013. The exhibit is held in the Weaver Gallery, located in the Everest-Rohrer Chapel/Fine Arts Center. Mauro’s exhibit has nearly a dozen pieces, spanning from 1997, to this year. When asked why she decided to do the show Mauro said that it was to show how an artist grows and changes over time.
Ceramics 1
Suzanne Mauro's displays line the walls of the Weaver Gallery
Photo by Ashley Albrecht
One of the highlights of the show is a sculpture of a dress which was made out of liquid clay and pieces of fabric. Another is a photo of a sculpture that looks like a tiered cake called, “Consumed by the Daily”.  For “Consumed by the Daily” Mauro said she made more than 900 roses that covered the piece. She said the whole thing took over 6 months to make and weighed about 200 lbs. Some other pieces are from her time as an undergrad and in graduate school and even after school.
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