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Director says another Bethical News movie is a possibility.

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Bethical News director Evan David has confirmed the possibility of a second Bethical News movie. “Yes, there’s a possibility of a second movie,” said David, who directed the first film. “But we probably wouldn’t start production until late next semester.” The plans for a second movie came largely as a result of responses from student actors as well as the general Bethel community, David said. The original film, "Bethical News: The Movie," was shown publicly for the first time on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 and was attended by more than 400 students, faculty and staff, according to Campus Activities Director Reed Lyons. The movie featured members of the Bethical News crew, including some who had made guest appearances on the show in the past. David said that the cast for the next movie would likely include more appearances by students who are not consistently in the spotlight. “The cast is pretty much split down the middle,” said David, adding that about half of the previous cast had expressed interest and the other half had said they probably would not have time to participate in the production of a second movie. David, however, said these changes shouldn’t stand in the way of a second movie. “I have some ideas,” he said. “The thought is to focus on a character who is not part of the Bethical News cast, but sort of gets sucked into this crazy adventure, sort of like the Lego movie.” Senior Natalie Croft, one of the guest stars who played a major role in the first film, also thought another movie was a possibility. "I heard last year . . . (that) if there were enough people interested, they might do a second one," she said. Some Campus Safety officers were also involved in the movie as guest actors. “I think there should be (another movie) because it was hilarious,” said Campus Safety Lieutenant Tammie Collins, who also played a small role in the movie. “It was so funny. They had the puppet and Shawn, and it was just a great movie. I really enjoyed it.” Junior Ashley Simon said she has heard quite a few people talking about a follow-up movie. However, senior Taylor Davis, roommate to both Croft and Bethical News anchor Anneke van Wyngaarden, said she didn't believe that there should be a follow-up movie. "No, because I saw the strain on the actors," she said. "It was a lot of work, and they were unpaid. And I think it's crazy to ask college students to produce a movie like that." Besides that, Davis said she didn't believe a second movie would live up to the standards of the first movie. "I think doing a second one would run it into the ground," she said. "I'm not a big fan of sequels anyway, but I really feel like that was a one-time thing. Can I get an amen?" Simon, who was also present during the conversation, agreed with Davis. Sophomore Paul Large shrugged when asked his opinion on the idea of another Bethical News movie, saying he had a neutral opinion on the subject. “Probably should be another one,” he said. “What they would do it about, I don’t know. I mean, it was fun and all, but I really don’t know what they’d do a second one about. I mean, unless they just continued the first one, did a second part to it. It could be fun.” Croft wasn’t sure what type of plot a second movie would entail. "I'm trying to decide if they would do like another story or if they would do like a continuation of the puppet and Shawn," said Croft. Junior Chelsea Anglin had some ideas for a follow-up movie as well. "Maybe they could get President Chenoweth involved a little more this year," she said. "Or like an action thriller about the hawks. Like a remake of The Birds, except about the hawks.” Plans for a second movie have not yet been finalized, David said, nor has a release date been set. According to David, the plot and characters must be further developed and the cast selected before actual production can begin.
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