A point-blank glance at Ambush assassins

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Each day we'll post a new entry in the ongoing log of two anonymous Ambush players, one male and one female, who are providing us with their daily adventures during the game. Check back here each day, or click on the "Ambush Log" page above, to learn new tips and tricks on how to move up the assassin chain (or at least survive) and to see how the mystery writers are doing!

Day #1: Monday, March 7, 2016

Male assassin:
Ambush officially began this morning after chapel. I’ve had my packet and squirt gun for over a week now, and today I broke them in. Filling up my weapon revealed that it doesn’t really hold water... literally. I’ve tried multiple ways of carrying it. Hands: Slippery grip. Backpack: wet pages. Pocket... unfortunate dark spot. I eventually solved this uncontainable dilemma with some masking tape. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do. As for actually playing the game, that has turned out to be somewhat more difficult than I was anticipating. I vowed to myself that if my target turned out to be someone I didn’t know, I’d play a defensive game and not pursue them… but it turns out I know my target, and my plans to squirt them today didn’t quite go as planned. They were never quite where I expected to be… and my attempts never got beyond the planning stage. For now, I’ll bide my time. As for my assassin… well, that took an unexpected turn. They actually told me they had me… and that they were making no attempt to shoot me. That may be a relief… unless they’re trying to lull me into a false sense of security… Note: I believe this game has already begun to take its toll on my mental state.
Female assassin:
Chapel began as normal with music and announcements, but one of the announcements made was the start of ambush, thus marks the beginning of my anxiety and paranoia. I had yet to pick up my packet for the game! Would they still let me get my packet? Would I get shot on my way to pick up that packet? Did I really want to put myself in this anxiety ridden activity? Heading out of chapel towards Huffman to pick up my packet, I stated alert and walked briskly through campus. Making it safely to Huffman, I was able to pick up my packet and water-gun making the activity all too real. Within the next hour, I located my targeted individual. It was an individual that I realized I had never seen before, forcing me to do a bit of “recon” about their whereabouts and activities. I found my victim, learned some of their activities and began planning my attack. The day continued as I sped walked and ducked my way in-between classes and campus buildings. People appeared to be constantly searching for their victim, causing me to feel an increased sense of paranoia. If only I knew who had me! I could avoid them as if they were the plague. By the end of the day, I had managed to refrain from being shot, but continually dealing with an increased sense of paranoia. I will see what tomorrow brings.   

Day #2: March 9, 2016

Male assassin:
Today did not go as planned. The morning began with word from one of my friends that she’d been eliminated already. The game is only one full day in and already the “death” toll is piling up. Then, another friend of mine boasted that he’d gotten two “kills” yesterday. He’s already two up on me… The paranoia hasn’t fully set in yet, but the frustration at my gun’s leakage certainly has. For whatever reason, it seems to be fine when I hold it, but the moment I lay it down, especially on anything that will absorb water, EVERYTHING leaks out. I never thought I’d need to learn to air dry a change of clothes on the fly. As for my target, I apparently have made the rookie mistake of telling a few friends who I have. My target knows who I am…which is going to make it night impossible to get this kill. No longer can I rely on the mere element of surprise… it’s time to strategize. I’ve made it two full days so far. Tomorrow… the offensive begins.

Day #3: March 9, 2016

Male assassin: Ambush never seemed to take up as big a place in my mind as it did with others… while others are freaking out, I seemed to be fine. Not paranoid, barely thinking about it at all. In fact, that’s basically how today went. After my botched assassination attempt yesterday, I sort of… gave up. After all, my target knew I had them, what was the point? So today I just went about my day. I even talked with my target about the fact that we both knew they knew I had them. But I didn’t make any attempts. If only my naturally trusting nature hadn’t gotten the best of me. Ambush wasn’t even on my mind as I exited the Everest Rohrer today, but I should have been suspicious of an unusual resident who accompanied me outside. But it was a close call, and that's all. I'm still in the game, but that was too close for comfort. From now on, paranoia is my friend...

Day 4: March 11, 2016

I guess close calls aren’t enough to keep you alive. After that near miss yesterday, I should have been more alert, aware, or whatever other word you’d like to use, but I wasn’t. Granted, I was suspicious walking out of the building with his roommate right behind me. I suppose I deserved it, but at the same time, I didn’t really care. The amount of care people are putting into this game is unsettling. Honestly, he deserved to get me... But this doesn’t mean I’m out of the game. Not by a long shot. To all those left alive…good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.  
NOTE: After our male assassin's assassination, our female assassin went off the grid for a few weeks. She's returned to tell her story. In addition, we've contacted a new male assassin to give us his perspective. The Ambush diaries continue below...

Day 22: March 29, 2016

Male assassin: Surviving in Ambush is a tricky thing. You cannot simply drop off the face of the Earth for you must continue to go about your daily schedule, if you have any inclination of passing your classes that is. You must think tactically about how you will get from one location to the next. Every time you leave a building you must ponder upon whether your would be killer could be waiting right around the corner for you. With this knowledge move sporadically! Take paths you do not normally take, go socialize in places you normally do not socialize around. Don't allow this game to be easy for the person who wishes to punch your ticket. Make them work for their prize to which you hopefully will never have to reward them with. My friends, this is your time to become that crafty wily survivor that you never even considered needing to be! Female assassin: I'm still alive. Barely. At least it feels that way. Many of my friends have been murdered (figuratively speaking, of course) by assassins out for blood... well, OK, more like water. But still. I've been lying low, trying to avoid detection. I've become really good at hiding. I know lots of great places I can go where I probably won't be found. The scary part, though, is that I feel myself getting cocky. I mean, I've made it through three full weeks of this mass paranoia. The paranoia is beginning to wear off for me. I have to be careful not to make stupid mistakes that would cause me to become an easy target again. I'm hoping my target is feeling the same confidence. Maybe then they'll be easier to catch. Here's to surviving another hour, maybe even another day.

Day 23: March 30, 2016

Note: Regrettably, after only one Ambush log, our new male assassin was squirted today. Now, only our female remains...
Female assassin: One of my friends warned me today that I need to lay low. This friend said they may have accidentally given my assassin, the person who has my name, a clue about how to find me. Unfortunately, I had to go about my business... all over campus... today. I'm beginning to grow tired of having to watch my back every time I have to walk somewhere... which is, like, all the time. My roommate makes fun of me because I sometimes sleep with my squirt gun in my pocket, as if that will somehow help me. Luckily, though, I'm still alive. It's been 23 days since Ambush started, but it feels like this game has been going for much longer. Three more days and I will be able to say I survived a full four weeks. But can I make it that long, or will my assassin track me down before then?

Day 24: March 31, 2016

I had hoped to catch my target today, but yet again was unsuccessful. It's kind of hard when you don't know the person so all you have to go on are tips and hints from friends and the picture you found by Facebook stalking this person. Somehow I also managed to make it through another day, although I've had to lay low. Curfew isn't that far off... is it worth the risk to run out for a late-night meal? Or should I just hunker down inside and wait until the morning?
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