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Student media center lands a chopper

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4.1ProjectA recent grant from the Newsflight Organization of America will allow for the construction of a new helipad on top of the Bethel Student Media Center. The helipad will provide a safe takeoff and landing spot for a new student media helicopter.

“It’s going to be fantastic,” said Student Media Director Tim Ceravolo. “The chopper will be equipped with state-of- the-art camera and signal stabilizing equipment and will be used to transport student media staff members to news stories all over the state. We’ll also use it for traffic reports around the Bethel campus, and breaking news.” The new helipad and helicopter are presented, along with three other major projects, as part of Bethel's new "4-1 Project," deriving its name from "four projects, one campus." Construction on the new helipad is scheduled to begin in May after most students have gone home for the summer.  Ceravolo said they hope the new landing pad will be complete by the beginning of the fall semester. “It’s going to be close, but the construction company said they were certain they could get it done as long as we don’t have too much rain,” said Ceravolo. The grant from NOA also provides funding for two full-time pilots. Ceravolo said one of them will be at the media center at all times, ready to hop in Bethel News Chopper One at any time. “We had to give it a cool name," said Ceravolo. “Air Force One was already taken.” This new student news tool and the rest of the “4-1 Project” almost seems too good to be true.  Especially considering that it was all announced on April 1… We thank the Bethel administration for all their hard work, and remember, have a very happy APRIL FOOL’S DAY!
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