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Bethel honors Mike Lightfoot

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newest lightfoot picBefore the Bethel College Pilots played Grace on Saturday, Feb. 4 Bethel held a special ceremony to honor retiring coach Mike Lightfoot. During that ceremony the school announced that the basketball court in the Wiekamp Athletic Center would be called Mike Lightfoot Court. Decals were unveiled on the court with Mike Lightfoot Court printed on them. After the game Lightfoot was honored with a special dinner in which several people paid tribute to him. Below is the video from that tribute. On January 4. Lightfoot announced his plans to retire from coaching at the end of this season. During his 30 years as the basketball coach at Bethel Lightfoot has won 786 games to this date, he has seven national championships, 18 Crossroads league championships and 28 winning season. His son, Ryne Lightfoot, has been named as the new head coach beginning next year.
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