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Campus Activities changes hands with new school year

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campusactivities Over the summer, Campus Activities has had a few changes.  Right at the beginning of the school year, Reed Lyons, the now former director of Campus Activities announced in chapel that the campus life organization has changed hands.  What does that mean for this semester’s activities? Lyons, was able to sit down and answer some questions.
 “I’ve done (Campus Activities) for five years, so I felt like it was kind of getting stale under my leadership just because of the ebb and flow of college culture," said Lyons. "Everything was expected.  It was hard to surprise (and) interest (students) because I was doing all the stuff myself.”
 Lyons said that the problem was only made worse by his increased responsibility as a resident director (RD).  The number of residents in Manges and Eastwood has increased from last semester’s 60 residents to 94 this semester.  Add this to Lyons' responsibilities as Director of FYE Block Mentors, as well as being a father.
 “So, when we were interviewing for the new positions for RD’s, either for Bridges or Founders, we were keeping in mind, ‘Ok, would any of these candidates be in a position to lead Campus Activities?’" said Lyons. "But (Leah Evans) also had a background in it.  She came from Flint, Mich., where she managed a bigger state school’s campus activities."
 Lyons has stayed on in an advisory role to assist with the transition.  However, with the new leadership and Intern come many new ideas.  Braden Fish, the current Campus Activities intern also spoke about the new Campus Activities leadership.
 “Whereas (Lyons) was more sports oriented, (Evans) is not necessarily that, she is more, like, hangout oriented," said Fish. "And what’s cool is I’m also sports oriented so we can kind of balance each other.  For instance, last year, we did something every week. We are still doing that this year.  Except it’s going to be, every other week will be a big event, like last week’s ultimate frisbee or maybe a nerf war.  Whereas this week is a concert in SG that we are sponsoring.  So, it will alternate back and forth.”
 Fish also wants to get more student suggestions for the activities in order to best involve the student body.  He plans to increase their exposure to students both through these suggestions as well as fliers and the Campus Activities Facebook page.
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