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11/6 This week in the Beacon

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Hello Beacon readers, Once again, we have a week of stories from all around Bethel life, so here’s a quick sneak peek at what’s coming up!
  • The Bethel rugby team seems to have lost its magic that it’s had since its inception a few years ago. What happened? Clay Sidenbender will be looking deeper into the new rugby team.
  • Josh Goodwin and myself have talked with various campus personalities to get their takes on the Reformation chapel series. Why is it focusing on the theology of the Reformation and not the history? What is the importance of these discussions to our lives today?
  • And finally, Bethel has been around for a while, so what’s changed in the years since its inception? We’re taking a look in our archives, as well as talking to some long-time faculty members and former students, to get a look at Bethel then and Bethel now.
We’re also pleased to announce that, starting this week, we will be renovating our website! The new look will be clean and responsive, making reading the Beacon easier and more enjoyable than ever! Stay tuned for all this and more this week with the Bethel Beacon. Wesley Lantz Bethel Beacon Managing Editor
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