Hop on board the B.U.S.S. for student spirit

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The Bethel United Student Section, or as many know it, the B.U.S.S., has been attending bethel men’s soccer and basketball games for a while now. It wasn’t until recently that it was approved by student council as an official club of Bethel College.

If you haven’t noticed the standing rows of students who cheer just a little bit louder than the rest of the crowd you certainly will if you show up to a game. The student section has been a solid three rows of students who come to every athletic event and cheer on the home team. Their goal is mainly to cheer on the home team, but also to get the other players riled up.

As Jony Chagas, co-founder of B.U.S.S., puts it, “If you begin to listen to the crowd you begin to lose the game. We try to get inside their heads and mess with them.” The student section has a set of cheers that correspond with different plays or events. For example, in a free throw situation, they will keep it silent until they make it. Besides being a loud voice in support of the Bethel Pilots, the B.U.S.S. has some fun as well. Each game is themed differently, so come prepared to dress up in an ugly Christmas sweater or other fun apparel. If you do wish to participate in the student section, just show up to a game. They will be the group standing and cheering on the Bethel side of the court or field. The B.U.S.S. will eagerly accept anyone willing to passionately cheer on the Pilots. They attend all the most popular games at Bethel, including the men’s soccer, men’s basketball and occasionally women’s basketball home games. They hope to continue to grow and hopefully get the whole crowd cheering as loud as they can. (Photo credit: @bethel.united.student.section on Instagram)
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