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“Blackout” instead of back out: WBB stands against child trafficking

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Human sex-trafficking. It is slowly becoming one of the largest industries around the world. Bethel girls’ basketball coach, Eric Gingerich, approximated the industry to be worth 100 billion dollars today. Tonight’s game, which starts in the Wiekamp Athletic Center on Mike Lightfoot court at 7 p.m., is now known across campus as the “Blackout game.” The hope is that the game will raise both financial support and general awareness not only about the problem of sex-trafficking, but also raise awareness about the organization that the Bethel College girls’ team is partnering with for the game, Destiny Rescue, and what they are doing for the issue. This organization, founded in New Zealand by Tony Kirwan, will have the U.S. CEO speaking in chapel today and will have representatives at tables after chapel, in the Dining Commons and at tonight’s games. On being asked about details for this game and how Bethel got involved, Coach Eric Gingerich, told us, “Well it actually originated with Steve Brooks at Indiana Wesleyan. Their women’s team, about four years ago, decided to do a partnership with Destiny Rescue. They did a service project with them and it grew into a game that they put on to raise awareness and financial support. This (idea) has now spread to the entire league. This (game) is our second annual league ‘Destiny Rescue’ night. My staff is incredibly close with Coach Brooks and so it was something that we were very interested in anyway and now that the league has grabbed ahold of it, it’s been fun to do it with all the coaches (in the league) and have a common vision.” Gingerich also gave us insight as to what all will be happening, not only at the game but also throughout today, in preparation for the game. He said, “We’ll have t-shirts for sale throughout today, before and after chapel, and in the dining commons, we will also have jewelry made by (some of) the kids who have been rescued. (The jewelry making) is one of the skills that they teach kids when they rescue them. Part of the (whole) restoration process is learning a trade. Some of them learn how to sew, some to do hair (in order to work) in hair salons, and some work for a jewelry company. We will be selling some (of that) jewelry. Also, the U.S. CEO of Destiny Rescue will be speaking in chapel (today) and the girls (on the bethel team) will be involved with that. There will also, hopefully, be a video during the game showing (exactly) what Destiny Rescue does.” Along with all this, Gingerich also told us about how they will have some representatives even coming into a few of the classes going on today and talking more in-depth about Destiny. There is also talk with trying to get in contact with bigger leagues, such as Big 10, and getting them involved with raising awareness of Destiny Rescue. Be sure to deck out in black clothing as the Lady Pilots take on Huntington University. Hope to see you there! (Photo courtesy of Clay Sidenbender)
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