Editorial: What we give up for Dude Week

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(Editor's Note: the opinions expressed in the following article do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Beacon staff or leadership.)

As Dude Week comes to a close, we look back at the things that the guys gave up for the week in their effort to build community. Ladies, if any of these stick out to you, consider giving up these odd things for your Babe Week.

  Anything goes when it comes to Dude Week, whether it’s giving up talking for the entire week and only communicating in writing things down or through signs. There are some more practical things like giving up excessive sugar. And there are some guys who give up something that is incredibly important to them, like a girlfriend.    Oakwood and Manges’ residents are given sheets to post on their doors to let their dormmates know what they are sacrificing for the week. Whether out of need for change or out of the need for laughs, these things get posted on the door. Need to give up Tinder for a week? This is the perfect time to do it; one of the guys in Oakwood took up this challenge.    The Manges guys took a different route and tried to give up the winter weather. I’m pretty sure that the fact that we got a snow day means that goal didn’t quite get reached. Sometimes wearing hats becomes so much of an obsession that the very act becomes what you give up for the week, other times it’s because you think you harass Ian so much that it’s time to give that up.    Some guys even thought they were working out too much, and skipped leg day for the entire week. From girlfriends to the weather, we will give it all up for the sake of furthering the community here at Bethel. For those of you going into Babe Week, this is the inspiration that we give you. (Photo Credit: Bethel College)
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