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Warm weather brings students out of hibernation

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It seems years sense we’ve seen it. That green stuff that seems to cover campus. We almost forgot what it feels and smells like, but now it is here to stay. Grass! Spring! Sunshine! Spring has arrived, and students are frolicking through campus with utter delight.


As this warm weather comes, students have begun spring time activities all around campus and South Bend. “My favorite is to sit out in the sunshine with a book,” said Katie Sobierajski, senior business major.

Sobierajski is not the only student who had this idea. Students can be see littered over campus on blankets and hanging in hammocks. Many students chose to get back into exercise routines. It’s not uncommon to see students taking to the river walk to enjoy the fresh air. Couples hold hands and friends catch up as they make the full five-mile loop. While walking down the river walk you can also enjoy the sights. Dogs being walked, beautiful gardens and parks full of young children playing. These are activities centered around our small campus but others chose to broaden out in the South Bend/Mishawaka area. Hannah Mooney, a sophomore criminal justice major, enjoys taking her grocery shopping local to the South Bend Farmer’s Market. Mooney will go with her sister and friends to spend a warm day in this unique fixture in downtown South Bend. The market sells produce, crafts, and already prepared homemade food. The warm weather tends to bring out the fun-loving side in all of us, and the Bethel Bubble hasn’t hindered students from taking part.
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