Student Life

Barb’s Barn Bash!

 -  -  12

Grace Dodd

Staff Writer

MISHAWAKA— On October 27th from 7-9pm, Bethel continued one of their newer yearly traditions known as Barb’s Barn Bash. This event is where President Barb Bellefeuille hosts a fall celebration at her home. 

The event is called a Barn Bash because President Barb has a Barn and farmland which is able to host a lot of people. Though the event was planned to take place at President Barb’s home, forecasted thunderstorms caused the event to be moved to the Acorn. President Barb unfortunately also was not able to attend the event. Lots of students did show up to the festivities. Food was available for the students who attended the event. Many different activities were available at the event, with one of the most anticipated being line-dancing, which started at 8:00.  

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