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DC Updates for the Semester

 -  -  28

Carla Montaruli  

Staff writer  

Mishawaka- This year the Dining Common introduced some changes, going trayless and introducing a new line, ‘Simple 3’. All on-campus Bethel students are required to follow a food plan. Special diets can be accommodated, and dietary advice can be obtained by appointment. There are two options that students have to eat on campus: the DC, which is available seven days a week and features unlimited food stations, and Sufficient Grounds, which serves hot and cold beverages as well as a variety of food options during the week. 

Bethel decided to convert the dining to trayless to reduce their carbon footprint. A big improvement of this year in DC is the menu variety brought with the new program ‘Simply 3’. This provides an allergen-free station that focuses on dishes without milk, nuts, or gluten, avoiding the three main items that students attempt to avoid the most. Its purpose is to give students safe meals as well as improved variety.  

Students seem to like this new options and appreciate the changes. 

“As somebody with an allergy to nuts, dairy, and gluten, eating in the DC used to be really difficult. It was stressful trying to find a fulfilling meal that wouldn’t hurt my stomach,” said Lindsey LaGrou, Bethel sophomore. “With the Simply 3 line, I can count on something safe and different every day.“ 

They consider this feature crucial for the happiness of the students, who dine on campus many times every day during the academic year. Students with food allergies can discover a range of safe and crave-worthy hot meal options through this program. They strive to provide a wonderful variety of eating alternatives that cater to all students' dietary demands.  

Students can check how many meal swipes they have left for the week and the daily menu on the Bethel University app.  

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