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Midweeks are Back


MISHAWAKA- This year Bethel University is bringing back midweek small groups. These small groups normally happen on Wednesdays for required chapel credit. Midweeks are designed to help Bethel students grow their faith in a small group setting in order to build... More »

Farmer’s Market Makes Debut on Campus


MISHAWAKA—A total of 81 students took advantage of Bethel’s dining common’s first farmer’s market on campus through the resident dining promotions, provided by Harvest Greens and Planet Eat. The market was located right outside the dining commons for a couple ... More »

Courtney Chapman Begins New Role


MISHAWAKA–Courtney Chapman served Bethel as the resident director of Founders Village for five years. But for the 2021-2022 school year, she has taken on instead a role as the wellness program coordinator, a new position funded by the Lilly Grant.  “My whole r... More »

Bethel Prepares for Annual Service Day


MISHAWAKA—Bethel has hosted an annual Service Day since 1988, with the exception of 2020, when COVID-19 complications prevented it from occurring. This is the thirty-second year of the tradition, which will take place on Sept. 28. This is an opportunity for Be... More »

Campus Goes to the Dogs – for Stress Relief


MISHAWAKA- This semester, Bethel is trying a new way of helping students relieve stress. Some professors were asked to bring their dogs to campus on Thursdays from 3:30- 4:30 p.m. so that students can pet and interact with the dogs.  This is not the first time... More »

Tree Falls on Campus: Student Injured


MISHAWAKA—On Sunday evening, Aug. 29, a tree fell in front of Brenneman Hall, one of the Founders dorms. The tree scraped the front of the building and landed on a student. The student is reported to be alright overall, suffering from a broken ankle and a few ... More »

Bethical News Takes Hiatus


MISHAWAKA–Bethical News, a snarky look at the events and happenings at Bethel, began in 2012 and ran until this school year. Originally, according to Julie Beam, dean of students and Shawn Holtgren, vice president for student development, it was a student’s id... More »