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Dracula Visits Bethel: Mysterious Figure seen on Campus

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MISHAWAKA—This week, the topic of discussion has been the dark figure following students around campus and harassing them. Bethel students have ended up in the hospital, all with at least stitches on their necks. None of those injured have returned to their classes out of fear of another encounter with the stranger. Some students, such as Haley Bryson, claimed to have seen the situation in front of their own eyes.  

She was on her way to class and claimed to have seen an attack on the wall of Shupe. “The dude was pale as heck and had weirdly sharp teeth,” Haley explained in an interview. She continued, “He took Rick McCarthy and put his face on his neck and there was blood everywhere. Then, he just left him there.”  

Professor McLaughlin had a similar experience. She explained that she had never been more scared in her life. “I was so shocked, and I just didn’t know what to do.” She immediately called campus safety when she saw him, because she had heard the description of him and knew about the situation.   Campus safety has been aware of the situation but are unsure of what they can do to stop these attacks. “It’s hard to go after someone that no one can catch. Every time we get close, he turns into a bat and flies away.” Campus safety has sent out a few emails about the issue to warn the Bethel community because it’s all they can do now.   Police have been contacted but issued a report that said, “We cannot prosecute without video surveillance proving the attacks are happening and who the criminal is. Cars have been broken into and students think it may be correlated to the situation at hand.”  Sadly, this is not the first time in Bethel history this villain has appeared on campus and injure students. In 1980, similar situations happened by a mysterious person with a similar description. Back then, a girl named Bella thought that this person was a vampire. However, this cannot be the case because this person does not seem to sparkle or fall in love with random people, like researchers say vampires do.   The attacker in 1980 was never caught, and most people did not go to classes for half of the semester because of this. Class attendance was plummeting, and most students failed that semester. A similar pattern has started this semester. Therefore, most professors have tried to make all classes accessible online. With the wi-fi problems, though, many are still failing their classes because they are not even able to log-in most of the time.   Similarly, almost no students have been attending chapel. Thankfully, the new chapel system of no Wednesday chapels has made it difficult to monitor chapel skips. In turn, no students have received emails from anyone regarding their misses.   Bethical News has gone un-seen, and the hosts have become hysterical. Sandra, one of the two hosts, has seemed to even become friends with the menace by bringing him bags of blood from the local hospital. Sandra and the blood-sucker have begun protesting together—Sandra protesting for students to watch Bethical News, and the blood-sucker protesting people eating garlic.   The criminal seems to come out the most during the night around dinner time by the Dining Commons and makes appearances by the Academic Center during the day. The assumption thus far is that students’ blood is his version of dinner. However, he refuses to feed on anyone when the Dining Commons has pasta and garlic bread.  Last week, he was attacked by Mega-Squirrel and has not shown his face since. The man attacked a student outside of the Dining Commons, and the student was holding a carry-out box of food. Since food attracts Mega-Squirrel, the squirrel attacked the man and quickly ran off with its meal. Both Mega-Squirrel and the man often attack by the Dining Commons, but both at different times. The pale stranger resides after dusk, and the uncontrollable squirrel roams during the daytime. However, their feeding times happened to intersect, and it ended badly for our mysterious stranger.   The hope is that he does not come back, but it is still possible. Here at the Beacon, we want to make sure you stay safe. If you encounter the sharp-teethed villain, or have any documentation of it, report it to campus safety immediately. Carry pepper spray, sharp keys, or anything else that will make you feel safe. According to the South Bend Police Department (S.B.P.D.), travelling in numbers can prevent attacks of blood-suckers by 37.6%. Be cautious out there, and good luck.  
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