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A Selfless Leader: Bev Wagnerowski

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If there was one word to describe Bev Wagnerowski, a financial aid counselor at Bethel, it would be generous.  Ever since graduating from Bethel in 1985, Wagnerowski has not only served her community, but also in the financial aid office for 12 years.  

A family woman, Wagnerowski has two children and is a leader at home and at church.  Wagnerowski loves her family dearly.  She is a wife to Tim, and has two daughters, Alayna and Kristen, who are also graduates of Bethel.  

Wagnerowski does not stop her days after work at 5 p.m. each day.  She is extremely active in her church and is even a mentor on campus.  Wagnerowski and her family have been attending St. Mark Missionary Church for 21 years. Wagnerowski serves as a leader for 9th grade girls, a women’s Bible study and the fellowship committee of St. Mark’s.  The fellowship committee at St. Mark plans all of the major events at the church, such as the hog roast.   Because Wagneroswki is in a field where she is constantly giving advice to students, she uses these skills with her outside ministries. “They keep me in touch with what is going on in our youth today,” said Wagnerowski about the 9th grade girls she leads every Wednesday. “I think that for me on a daily basis the joy in my job is pouring into student’s lives.”  She applies this knowledge by listening to students and understanding their challenges. “It’s amazing what students will share if you’re willing to listen.  Because they really just want someone to talk to that actually cares,” said Wagnerowski.   Her role as a committee member at church parallels her roles at Bethel. “The job that I have at Bethel [calls for me] to be selfless.  My day can be filled with interruptions, and so is the fellowship committee.  The fellowship committee at church plans all of the major events for the church.  I’m always interrupted there like I am here,” said Wagnerowski.  Before meeting with Wagnerowski, I was unaware of how much Wagnerowski does for Bethel.  “I wear many hats” said Wagnerowski about her role as a financial aid counselor.  She answers phone calls, enters data, meets with all students regarding loans, and is often the first counselor a student considering Bethel will meet.    According to Wagnerowski, the best part of her job is her ability to give out scholarships. “Part of my job is getting to know students, so I know who you are and what you are about, so that when I have scholarships that I have to distribute, I have an idea who I can look at for possible candidates,” said Wagnerowski.     When not ministering to others, Wagnerowski loves to spend time with her family, cook, lay on the beach and shop.  Though, she talked more about her family than anything else.  She stated various times the joy that comes from being a mom, and how she would do anything to live closer to her extended family.
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