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Campus Profile: Dustin Vargo

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MISHAWAKA, IND.-- Campus Safety, the mysterious force that shows up when we need them, then disappears until the next time you lock your keys in your car. They are here for our protection, but Campus Safety represents so much more.  

Dustin Vargo has been a campus safety officer here at Bethel for six years now; his official title being Assistant Director of Campus Safety. He has lived in the Mishawaka area his whole life. 

 Vargo graduated from Penn High School and has taken some classes at Bethel. He is married and has foster and adopted children, including some with special needs.   He has experience working in security but has also worked as a bus driver, ice hockey referee, and has even worked in a retirement home.   His motivation as a campus safety officer is ultimately to help people and be able to interact with individuals. He enjoys working at Bethel because it is rewarding in the fact that it fulfills his desire to help others and he appreciates the opportunity to work in a Christian environment.  Vargo’s life has always intertwined with Bethel, so when he was offered a job as a campus safety officer, he was elated. Vargo's duties as assistant director involve overseeing the daily operations of the department, the policy-making and procedures and training all of the campus safety officers.   Vargo said his favorite verse is Isaiah 54:10 which says, “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed.”   “The reason this is my favorite verse,” said Vargo, “is that the path God has led my family down with fostering and adopting children has taken us down some difficult roads and it is not always super easy.The same can be said for working at campus safety, you deal with things that are really difficult sometimes and you have to remember that God’s unfailing love is still there.”  Dustin Vargo is someone who you can tell genuinely loves the Lord, and has a passion for helping those who are in need. 
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