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Babe Week 2019 Recap

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MISHAWAKA—This past week, girls all over campus gathered for cupcake decorating, mattress surfing and many more activities in celebration of Babe Week.  

“Babe Week is an intentional effort to bring the women on campus together,” said Jessica Lyons, the resident director for Tuckey Hall, “There is an element of encouraging girls to put away their phones and step away from other distractions to be able to join together and encourage each other by spending time with each other.” 

Babe Week is a great time for ladies to unplug from their everyday lives and busy schedules to be able to connect with each other and enjoy a variety of activities.  

This year’s theme was, “Making yourself at home” with a focus on hospitality. The week involved learning about inviting others into your space, time, and world, and making room for others. There were events held to celebrate Babe Week every night of the week, some as dorm events and others for ladies all over campus.  

“Babe Week is a time we can focus on God and community and the people closest to us in our lives. We can step back from distractions and intentionally spend time together and get to know one another more,” said Halee Gaff, a student on campus and a participant in the activities of Babe Week. 

Overall, participants of Babe Week enjoyed a great time of fellowship and an encouraging break from the normal day-to-day life of a college student. 

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