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Spring Break Service Week

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MISHAWAKA—Don’t have any plans for Spring Break and love serving others? Then Service Week is the perfect thing for you!  

“Being able to serve is like an extension of carrying out the churches work, and it really is a unique opportunity for students to go out and be witnesses. It will be great for students to be a part of that and have the opportunity to meet and interact with new people,” said Denise Penrod, a student and organizer of Service Week. 

The goal is to enlist 12 students, six guys and six girls, to create a team of determined and engaged volunteers. So far, there are about half of that number signed up, but that number is steadily rising, she said. The volunteers will be visiting a wide variety of organizations throughout and will have the opportunity to serve at different locations every day.  

The volunteers will be serving together throughout the whole week so they will have the opportunity to connect with each other and build relationships with one another. Many students have the heart to serve, but do not have the time or idea of where to begin. Service Week is a great time to set aside the busy life that being a college student presents and get connected in the community surrounding Bethel.  

“Students should sign up to serve, because this is a unique opportunity to stay rooted in the community that we’ve chosen to live in right outside of Bethel and to get to know it better,” said Penrod. 

This is the second Service Week that Bethel has put on, and it is the hope that it will continue for many years in the future, as it really does provide unique opportunities to serve others be representatives of the Gospel.  

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