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Deeper Life Conference Recap

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MISHAWAKA—This past week was the Deeper Life Conference at Bethel College. This year Bethel hosted Johnathan Miller, oftentimes referred to as YPJ. The Deeper Life Conference lasted Monday through Wednesday with extra chapel times offered on Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon and evening.

YPJ brought Bethel’s campus the chapel talks that we needed. His enthusiasm and hard-hitting truths inspired many people to approach the altar on all three days of the conference.

The most moving talk that YPJ delivered to campus was on Wednesday morning. The message was that we (young people) are going to be the ones to change the world. We don’t have to wait until we grow up to start changing the world, instead we can start right now.

YPJ called up everyone who felt called to change the world. Whether it was something as small as loving a neighbor or drastic as changing the way that everyone thinks.

Overall, the campus responded really well to his teachings. I overheard many people talking about how good he was and how they appreciated his teachings.

One student said, “I really appreciated his enthusiasm. It made his message seem more genuine, like he cared about what he was saying.”

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