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Looking at Student Athletic Scholarships

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MISHAWAKA--At Bethel University, athletic students are offered scholarships for playing a sport. Athletic scholarships are non-guaranteed, aid agreements between an athlete and their university. Universities coaches award these scholarships to athletes that supported the coach’s perception of their athletic ability. Most scholarships area unit annual agreements that must be renewed every year of their college career. Scholarships are either classified as equivalency, where coaches provide partial scholarships to players, or head count, wherever all offers area unit full scholarships. Athletic scholarships are offered at the NCAA DI, DII, NAIA and college levels. 

 New incoming and current Bethel athletes are worried about their scholarships being affected. We interviewed Tony Natali the Athletic Director for Bethel University. We asked him have athletic scholarships changed this year and Natali said, “No, it’s still dictated by the coaches, for their particular sport they dictate how much and if there’s going to be any athletic money available and we work very closely with our financial aid office with that.” We also asked if athletic scholarships haven’t changed this year would student athletes shouldn’t be impacted. Tony said, “Not that I'm aware of, it's my first year of being the Athletic Director and I'm still learning some things, but what I'm aware of we’re still based on the same systems and the coaches are in charge of working closely to the financial aid office.”  

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