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Basketball Team Starts Off the Season Strong

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MISHAWAKA—With a record of four wins and no losses, the Men’s Basketball team has a great start to the season. But what makes this team so successful? And will this continue throughout the season? 

Steve Drabyn, Head Coach of the Men’s Basketball Team said, “I’m excited where we are going, and our growth to this point. There is a lot of untapped potential that I am excited about getting out of the players. And I am really looking forward to the next game and down the road to see what we can be, because there is a whole new level we can go to and I am excited about pursuing that.” 

Drabyn’s expectations from the players and the entire team this year is that they will get better. Every practice, game, lifting weights in the gym, and even team meetings, is an opportunity to improve for individuals on the team and the team as a whole. 

Drabyn said, “It is easy to focus on results and wins and losses, but really we try to keep it simple and get better every day. We try to pursue excellence individually and also collectively as a team. If we do that every day then the results will take care of themselves.” 

The team’s core values are focusing on unity, humility, gratefulness, mindset, and fearlessness. Unity in being together; humility in thinking of others more; gratefulness in having a spirit of thankfulness about the privilege they have to play basketball; mindset with pursuing growth and positivity; and fearlessness with just doing the best they can in preparing and not worrying about doubts or mistakes but just playing.  

According to the head coach, the team’s biggest strengths are connectiveness, depth, shooting the ball, and unselfishness. The team actively builds their relationships from player to player, and with the coaches. As a result, the team is very connected and that is proven on the court.  

Overall, the team is very skilled in their sport, and they dedicate a good amount of time every practice to work on skills and to continue to get better.  

Offensively the Men’s Basketball team has a chance to compete with other good teams in the division. But the team has room for improvement defensively.  

Drabyn said, “Its not about records and wins and losses. Its about being the best that we can be. I think there is another level the team can go to. Our focus needs to be better, our ability to fight through fatigue and challenging moments in games needs to be better, and the style of play that we are incorporating can be better. We need to continue to practice it and be diligent with our work. I’m pleased with where we are at but there is another level we can go to so I want to keep pushing the guys to get there.” 

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