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Bethel Soccer Ends Season

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MISHAWAKA, IN—Bethel University Men’s Soccer ended their season by falling just short of the Crossroads Championship Tournament by a tight one-score, overtime loss to Huntington, a team rivalry game. The coaching staff was not available for comment on the game or the season. 

A Bethel Alumni who attended the game, Zach Schoon, himself a former Bethel soccer team member, said, “It was a good game. Tough end to the season, but both teams played well. Not much you can do.” 

On the season, Bethel Soccer ended at 10-8 total record, with a conference record of 6-3. The team accrued 14 NCCAA and NAIA awards this season for the performance of their players on and off the field.  

Overall, while the team struggled throughout the season at times, they pulled together a few incredible wins and finished the season improving from the previous year’s conference record of 4-5.  

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