Update: Bowling Team’s First Season

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MISHAWAKA—Bowling is a sport like no other. There are many techniques and strategies involved, that make it more complex than one might imagine. This is Bethel’s bowling team’s first season, and so far, it has gone well. 

Chris Adams, Head Coach said, “The season has gone well. The team is doing as expected for the first year. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to really embrace college and embrace the environment and be successful along the way.” 

The season is still going, and the team has a tournament in February 2020, and after that, their season will or will not continue depending on points.  

For the sport of Bowling, the season is not about wins and losses, but about points. Though the bowlers do make up a team, the sport is also individualized based on points an individual bowler is able to score. A bowler gets points based on where they finish in the tournament. In general, however, the sport is team oriented.  

The team practices at Parkway Lanes on Chestnut Street (near Jefferson Blvd), in Mishawaka. Lane conditions are different everywhere, so the team makes adjustments to the lanes they practice on. Their approach to practice prepares them for any and every lane they may bowl on. 

Though the Bowling team is co-ed, men’s and women’s bowling are in different divisions, and their tournaments usually take place at different locations on the same day. There are currently 11 bowlers on the team with six on the men’s and five on the women’s, most of whom are freshmen.  

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