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The Nutshell: What is your favorite Christmas food?

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Felipe Mendes (Senior)  

“My favorite Christmas food we make in Brazil is rice, turkey, and Farofa. Farofa is like a corn mix we eat. It’s very traditional.”  

Claire Hodges (Freshman) 

“My favorite Christmas food is the cinnamon roll casserole my mom makes for breakfast that day, because I don’t like the other type of casseroles.”  

Tarryn Williams (Freshman)  

“My favorite Christmas food is pecan rolls that my mom makes. It takes more than 24 hours to prepare. They’re very, very, very sweet and sticky. We eat them for breakfast.”  

Francisco Salazar (Freshman) 

Fatias de China. Translated that means ‘slices from China’. It’s like a dessert made out of eggs and sugar. It’s a Portuguese thing, not Chinese.” 

Lexi Miller (Junior) 

“Peanut butter fudge that my grandma makes.” 

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