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Bethel Beacon Resumes Social Media

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MISHAWAKA—The Bethel Beacon is making its presence online known again. We will be posting regularly on Fridays on both Instagram and Facebook.  

On Instagram, beside posting regularly about our stories, you will see profiles of our writers. You will learn about what sort of articles they write and what they like to do for fun. You will see posts on stories about Bethel happenings and updates on The Beacon.  

In the future, we will post portfolios of pictures around Bethel taken by Travonte Stewart-Marley, staff photographer.  

Finally, we will post on our Story with fun little tidbits you can grab.  

On Facebook, we will post sneak previews of articles you can check out on our website. Stories are posted to our site weekly on Monday mornings and on Thursdays when we have a print edition. 

If there is anything you want talk about, an idea for a piece or something you would like to see on our social media, please contact us on social media or at, and/or Also, don’t forget to check us out on social media and our website once again. We would love to interact with and inform you as much as possible. 

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