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Bethel Releases Fall 2019 Dean’s List

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MISHAWAKA – Three weeks ago, Bethel University released the Fall 2019 Dean’s List. Nearly 450 students made the list this past semester; but what exactly is the benefit to being on it?  

According to Corporate Finance Institute ( and Community College Review (, besides a sense of personal achievement, finding yourself on the Dean’s List can increase your employability factor and open the door to receiving invitations to special events. It may also open opportunities to top employers, and it can look great on a resume. If you want to polish your resume, striving to make the list multiple semesters in a row looks even better – and if you can make the list every semester of your university career – that's the best yet. 

If you prefer to make the Dean’s List simply for the sense of personal achievement, making the list is a great way to get your name recognized on campus – by students, faculty and the Dean’s Office.  

Bethel’s requirement for the Dean’s List is a GPA of 3.50 or higher for any full-time student taking 12 credits or more a semester. You can find the 2019 Fall Dean’s List here: 

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