The Nutshell: Favorite Superbowl Commercial

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The Superbowl is one of the most widely celebrated sports events in America. In light of the less sport-savvy among us, this week's Nutshell focuses on the best part of the Superbowl--the commercials! Bethel Beacon readers, what was YOUR favorite Superbowl commercial? 

"I liked the Google commercial because it pulled on my heartstrings and reminded me of my grandpa." --Faith Livensparger, education major 

"My favorite one was the baby peanut because the baby peanut was really cute!" --Sarah Schweisberger, elementary education major 

"Alexa because it was funny how it went back in time and had all the similar names to Alexa." --Brandon Slabaugh, guitar performance Major 

"Amazon before Alexa!" --Sonson Nafziger, biochemistry major 

"My favorite Superbowl commercial was the Rick and Morty commercial--not because it was Rick and Morty, but because it illuminated a previously unknown idea in that you can mix Pringles flavors by using multiple flavors of chips!" --Joshua Searsy, criminal justice major 

"No." --Chloe Flanagan, biochemistry and science education major 

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