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Student Council Shuffles Around Budget

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MISHAWAKA – On Monday, Feb. 24, Student Council voted unanimously to transfer multiple parts of the budget into the discretionary budget. Executive Treasurer Jacob Kersey said they are taking $375 out of the faculty advisors’ fund and $900 out of the clubs’ fund. 

“That’ll put us at about $2700 [in the discretionary budget],” Kersey said. “So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to keep the money that’s in upperclass programming.” 

Commuter Representative Brandon Barnes asked if the council would get a raise if they spent the remaining budget.  

Kersey said if the remaining funds are spent, then they can petition for a 20% raise for next year. If they do not spend the remaining funds, the school board could decrease the council’s budget again. 

“Considering the major amount of money we lost from last year in our budget, I think it’s wise to move it all into the discretionary so…we don’t risk another big setback,” Underclass President Lacey Barkdull said. 

Transferring the remaining funds to the discretionary budget gives the council more leeway to spend. Executive President Paul Cooke offered the council’s underclassmen the opportunity to request an extension to their part of the budget.  

The underclassmen might need the fund extension for a planned Luau event on April 15; estimated costs for the event are more expensive than they anticipated. Kersey said the executive council will discuss discretionary fund distribution in their next closed-door meeting. 

Bethel’s dining services will be providing food at the event. Barkdull said she is waiting to hear back from Sodexo General Manager Jim Metherd about the cost. 

Upperclass President Shelby Moody said last week’s carnival event raised $101 in the pie-throwing game. Bethel President Gregg Chenoweth donated a matching amount to the money raised. Moody said the money will be donated toward a full-meal event for Hope Ministries. 

“We’ll also actually be serving the meal for Hope Ministries,” Moody said. “So, if anybody wants to serve, I’m going to send out a big email to let you know what date.” 

Moody reported 125 students attended the event and the upperclassmen spent $200 under budget. But the event lacked volunteers, so she scrambled around to help different games. 

The upperclassmen will be focusing on their efforts for senior gift moving forward. They need to fundraise $5,000 for the painted mural. Moody said they have fundraised $3,300 so far. 

“Tyler [Hopkins] works for Emily Sherwood’s office and she has decided that we’re going to send out an email to all the seniors who haven’t…picked up their cap and gown,” Moody said. 

The email will ask the seniors if they want to donate their housing deposit to the mural. If the upperclassmen do not meet their goal, they will set up a table outside the dining commons. 

The student council meeting also addressed the recent audit done by Marcellus Taylor, CEO of Blossburg & Cedar LLC. Taylor observed and consulted Bethel on its diversity and inclusion initiatives.  

Cooke said Vice President of Institutional Advancement Matt Lentsch is analyzing the information Taylor provided. 

“I actually had a separate interview with Marcellus and I really appreciated how he dealt with the interview and how welcoming he was,” Cooke said. 

Cooke also said he talked to Chenoweth about the results and how the council can help improve the campus environment. 

Cooke announced executive class elections will take place on Mar. 26 and 27. Interested students should email Cooke, Executive Vice President Hannah Darling or Executive Secretary Maudie Smith for more information. Applicants need to be endorsed by other students and have a 2.5 GPA or higher. 

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