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Wellness Center Offers Group Options

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MISHAWAKA – Relationship troubles, stress, depression and anxiety and past trauma. With these emotions swirling around in the minds of college students – all while juggling a busy schedule – it is of the upmost importance for them to take care of their mental health. Many students are unaware of the options offered to them by their campus wellness centers. Bethel University offers various counseling options to students – from dealing with anxiety and depression to helping those who experience academic difficulties. Bethel also offers a variety of options for those who would like to seek help – from one-on-one counseling options to group sessions.  

The Wellness Center offers one-on-one therapy sessions, which are available for all Bethel students – no matter the issue they are struggling with. Students have an eight-session limit that will be discussed with a therapist. If you are considering individual therapy, contact the Wellness Center for more information. 

While individual therapy may not be for everyone, group options open doors for students who may feel uncomfortable with receiving counseling by themselves. Chelsey Luke, Bethel’s Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA) discusses the appeal of a group therapy session versus a one-on-one session.  

“Group therapy is a way to connect individuals who are experiencing similar situations/sensations as their peers and allows them to find common ground. They have the ability to understand that they are not alone... I think for this reason it is appealing to individuals to find that connection with like-minded people who understand the struggle,” said Luke.  

Bethel offers a variety of options for students to attend a group session. Listed below are the current sessions being offered; keep an eye out for other potential groups happening this semester. 

Finding Freedom – Every Tuesday, 5 p.m. Or every Wednesday, 10 a.m. 

A women’s-only group for survivors of sexual assault. Led by Luke. Chapel credit is offered but not required for this group. This is a closed group – anyone participating should expect to attend weekly. 

Financial Peace – Feb. 5 through April 8, Wednesdays, 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

All students are welcome in this open group. Students can attend all sessions or attend as needed. Led by Candice Noonan, Counseling Intern. Sign-up is encouraged. 

Anxiety Management Group – March 9 through March 30, 4 p.m. 

All students are welcome in this open group. Students are welcome to attend all sessions or attend as needed. Led by Larissa Hertzberg, Counseling Intern.  

Feel free to call the Wellness Center to share interest and to learn more about each group that is offered (574) 807-7370. If students call, they can share which groups they are interested in attending and provide a phone number/e-mail address. Students do not need to provide any personal information/history before group begins. 

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