Easter: A Short Story

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Darkness is all around me like a deep sleep; suddenly a lightning bolt strikes my chest and with a sharp inhale I am jolted upright. I begin to cough and look around in darkness; I feel for something, anything around. My hand meets with cold, damp stone and I see a crack on what seems to be another wall. Disoriented, I stand and walk toward the faint hint of light. I reach out to touch it and the stone begins to crumble; I claw at the stone and it quickly gives way. I step outside and look around; I am surrounded by tombs. I look down at myself and notice white linen garments like burial clothes.  

I hear a noise a little way away, the voice of a man and of a vast army approaching. I move toward to the sound, toward the garden of Gethsemane. As I approach, I see the crowd of men approaching, holding clubs and swords. I conceal myself behind a tree. I see a man speaking to a group of three more. The man who was speaking to the others turns and one of the men from the crowd approaches. I watch as the man from the crowd kisses the one who had been speaking, the crowd seizes the one who was kissed. I watch as one of the three reaches for his sword, I run towards the confrontation in attempt to distract the crowd and stop the man from drawing his sword. The eleven will be overpowered. Just as I approach, the man draws his sword and slices off the ear of one man from the crowd.  

The man who had spoken to the three speaks up, “Return your sword to its place,” he says. I watch as he reaches down to retrieve the severed ear. He grabs it and returns it to the man’s bleeding head; I cannot tell that it was ever severed. I recognize the man that was seized by the crowd; he was the one who had called Lazarus from his tomb. This man, Jesus, who they call Teacher, is not a violent man. He is known for healing the sick. A man again captures Jesus and the crowd draws their swords. The original three men scatter. I watch as the crowd begins to drag him off.  

I retreat from my hiding spot and yell to distract them.  A few men from the crowd quickly drag Jesus away and the rest from the crowd ambush me. One of the men manages to get a hold on me but I elude them. The man keeps hold of my garment and I retreat toward my family home disrobed.  

The following morning, after recounting the story to my family, I was informed of my death, and we concluded that I was resurrected. Those in my household had also seen Lazarus called from his tomb. After the shock had worn off, I set out to find Jesus. If this man is powerful enough to heal the sick, and call Lazarus from his tomb, he must be the reason for my resurrection. I must know what crime he has committed.  

On my way to the town, I saw a large crowd of people following Roman soldiers. It seemed they were following someone on the way to crucifixion. I approached and pushed through the crowd; there was Jesus, bloody and beaten, struggling to carry his cross. One of the soldiers called a man from the crowd to help Jesus carry the cross. I stayed with the crowd and followed him to Skull, where he was hung on the cross in the middle of two criminals. The charge against him was written above his head “Jesus of Nazareth: King of the Jews.” I cried as I watched his suffering, knowing he had done no wrong. The crowd dispersed slowly, and Jesus called for something to drink and the guard offered him vinegar. After, Jesus cried out and died. After this happened, there was an earthquake; it shook the ground violently. I turned towards home and wept; this man who had brought me back to my family has been wrongfully crucified.  

A while later, I was by the Sea of Galilee. I saw a man standing by the shore, and out in the water fisherman were casting their nets, but they were unsuccessful at catching anything. The man on the shore called to the fisherman and told them to cast to the other side of the boat. I watched as they did what they were instructed and were unable to pull in the vast number of fish they caught. One of the men in the boat called out, “It is the Lord,” as he jumped out of the boat and swam towards shore. I look back to the man who had been standing on the shore, and I realize the man is Jesus. He has risen! 


Based on Mark 14:51-52 “A young man, wearing nothing but a linen garment, was following Jesus. When they seized him, he fled naked, leaving his garment behind.” Some theologists believe the linen garments were grave clothes and that the young man had been residing in a tomb nearby the garden of Gethsemane, and because of Jesus’ presence near the tomb, the young man was resurrected. 

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