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Two Bethel Departments Change Their Names

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MISHAWAKA – Bethel’s Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee approved name changes for two departments in a meeting on April 2. 

The Sign Language Interpreting Department was renamed to the Department of American Sign Language and Interpreting. The reason for the change to the American Sign Language and Interpreting Department (ASLID) is to reduce confusion among students and better encapsulate what the department does. 

The Chair of the American Sign Language and Interpreting Department, Edwin Carrington, said the change of name accurately reflects most students taking ASL classes. 

“This name portrays the Sign Language Interpreting bachelors, Deaf Studies associates, and ASL minor,” Carrington said. 

The Department of Math and Engineering Sciences was renamed to the Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science. The reason for the change to the Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science was to more accurately describe the new programs in the department.  

Department Chair, Professor Alice Ramos, is glad for the name change. 

“We are so excited about our new computer science programs and two brand new computer science labs,” Ramos said. “We want our department name to reflect the great things that we get to do within our department.” 

According to My Bethel, the APCC, Bethel’s Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee, is responsible for monitoring, reviewing and recommending changes for the University’s academic policies. The Committee also considers all the requests for any new programs or curricular changes and reviews Bethel’s core curriculum every year to make sure it is in line with the Purpose and Student Learning Outcomes Statements. 

Any of Bethel’s faculty can attend the meetings, but only certain individuals can vote: all Department Chairs, an additional administrative nursing faculty member, as selected by the Dean of Nursing, Division or School Deans, and the Academic Services Vice President, who sets the committee’s itinerary and serves as the group’s chair. The Non-voting members are members of the Registrar and the Director of Library Services. 

Visit these departments’ web pages to learn more: 

Department of American Sign Language and Interpreting:  

Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science: 

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