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Bethel Modifies Annual Go2BU Event to Protect Health of Participants

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MISHAWAKA—On Thursday and Friday, Oct. 22-23, Bethel will be hosting its second annual Go2BU event. It won’t be quite as immersive as last year’s event since none of the visiting high school students will be allowed to spend the night due to concerns relating to COVID-19, but the Admissions Office is doing everything it can to make it a special time for the guests. 

Kimberly Miller, enrollment reporting specialist, said the event will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday with a welcome time, dinner and soccer scrimmage. On Friday, the visitors will return to campus in the morning and stay through around 4 p.m. participating in various sessions and opportunities. 

“There will be sessions on scholarships, on financial resources, on various campus life activities, safety, all sorts of things,” Miller said. “It will also include a mock class simulation for the students.” 

Six professors have volunteered to lead a total of four different class simulations for students to choose from. A class from Special Topics in Rhetoric will be presented by Theo Williams, Ph.D. A class from Environmental Science will be presented by Katie Weakland, Ph.D. A class from Social Psychology will be presented by Amber Beamer-Rohde, MSW; Norm Spivey, Ph.D.; and Terry Chi, Ph.D. A class from Exploring the Christian Faith will be presented by Chad Mesiter, Ph.D. 

“It will just be a way to give them a little bit of a snapshot of the college experience, the Bethel experience, and hopefully be a lot of fun for them as well,” Miller said. 

Stephanie Hochstetler, director of admission, said they have put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring the event meets and exceeds COVID-19 guidelines for keeping guests and the Bethel community safe, including having someone with them at all times so they are aware of all the spaces guests have been in. 

“A lot of it is distance,” Hochstetler said. “We have our own space in chapel, we’re keeping them together in family units... we’re being really cautious to keep people contained and safe.” 

To limit numbers, the event was limited to the first 25 registrants and their guests.  Admissions has also reserved hotel rooms at a discounted rate for students coming in from out of town. 

Even though opportunities for students to be involved with the event may be more limited this year, Hochstetler encouraged them to keep an eye out for the visitors and to reach out and say hello. 

“I think that’s one thing that our campus does really well, is be friendly,” Hochstetler said. “We just want that to continue.” 

If you are interested in assisting with the Go2BU event, email the Admissions Office at  

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