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Bethel Brings Back Writing Center

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MISHAWAKA-A few years ago a writing center was attempted, but due to lack of funds it was unsuccessful. Bethel decided to try again, this time with the support of HERF (Higher Education Resource Funds). The goal of the new Writing Center here at Bethel is to help students who want help with their writing or want help polishing up a paper. 

“Our goal is to retain students at Bethel who might otherwise drop out, because writing is quite important for every class,” said Tara Holmes, assistant professor of English, “We are trying to fill a writing gap, and also stay concentrated on writing.”

Writing coaches are available for walk-ins during the writing center’s hours. They are there to assist a student in their writing for any class. Writing coaches do not take appointments. They are available for students who want quick assistance with their writing. 

“We are trying to fill a gap between classroom instruction and tutoring, for the students who might fall somewhere in between,” Holmes said.

The writing center is located in the learning commons in the basement of the Academic Center. 

The writing center also provides teaching assistants(TAs) who can be booked by appointment. TAs will attend their designated class and help the professor with writing. The writing center serves as the TAs office hours. During class, the TA will give the students their office hours, and students can book their TA for an appointment based on those office hours. TAs are students who have already taken the course, know what the professor is looking for, and are able to provide helpful resources.

The writing center is located in the learning commons in the basement of the Academic Center. For help with your writing, you can book an appointment with your Teaching Assistant, book an appointment with a tutor at the Tutoring Center, or you can stop by the Writing Center during their hours: Monday-Thursday from 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.- 10 p.m. For more information, you can talk to your TA or contact the Writing Center Director, Tara Holmes at

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