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Looking at Maintenance’s Summer Updates

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MISHAWAKA—Over the summer there were many projects the maintenance team took on to update and improve the aesthetic and function of Bethel’s campus along with their usual summer tasks like dorm repairs.

The Gates Gymnasium floor was updated to freshen up the look. The Sailor weight room was converted to a game room and the game room right off the Acorn is being converted into a study area.

A total of 66 offices were moved around over the summer, and the maintenance team headed that up as well.

A new writing center was built into the Learning Commons and is already open for use. The S035 Robotics Lab was also added to the Science Building.

The most recent project still in progress is last year’s senior project, which is going to be a new gazebo by the picnic tables behind the Science Building and close to the Founders dorms. The concrete has already been poured for that project.

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