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Business Department Hosts B-Dubs and Budgeting Event

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MISHAWAKA– When it comes to budgeting, many college students may struggle with knowing how to save and spend their money and may feel like they must navigate budgeting on their own.

Considering this, Lori Stutzman, associate professor of business, and Andrew Miranda, AmeriCorps member and retention specialist for the Center for Academic Success, decided to put on an event called B-Dubs and Budgeting to inform students about how to budget and how to do it well. 

Stutzman explained that the event will give attendees the opportunity to understand how to budget their money and learn about finances. While at the event, students will view Dave Ramsey videos and other budgeting videos, work with a spreadsheet, and work through how to budget with given salaries. There will also be free Buffalo Wild Wings at the event.

The event will be held in the Academic Center in room 217 on March 29 at 7:30 pm.

All students can attend the event for free, and Miranda advised that it would be especially beneficial for students who are engaged or married.

To sign up for the event, students need only to email Andrew Miranda at

“It will be fun and interactive and give principles for budgeting and working with money,” Stutzman said.

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