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Creative Writing Night

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MISHAWAKA—On Friday, April 8, The Crossings hosted a creative writing and reading night at Sufficient Grounds. All students were invited to attend and the only requirement for participating in the reading was to bring a piece of your own work to read aloud.

Gabrielle Swartzentruber, associate editor of The Crossings, assisted with planning the event.

“This is the first time we have revived this since COVID,” Swartzentruber said. “It has been about three years since we last did one of these, so we weren’t expecting a huge turnout.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of events around campus have not occurred normally, but as Swartzentruber said, they were hoping to bring out different writers from around campus to share their creative works with one another. They did not have to write these during college, but they wanted an event where students could share their work.

“We are trying to make this a yearly thing,” Swartzentruber said. “We want to create a chill, lowkey, and relaxed atmosphere. Hopefully, in the following years we can fix any bugs.”

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