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10/30 This week in the Bethel Beacon


  Hello Beacon readers, The Beacon staff is always working hard to cover various aspects of campus life and dig up details you may not have even known existed. To keep you in the know of what we’re covering each week, we’ve started the Beacon Preview, a weekly... More »

What can Bethel students do over fall break?


Slider Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash With fall break fast approaching, many Bethel students are looking forward to a moment to step back from school and relax. But for many students, the Mishawaka area is a vast, untamed concrete jungle. Here to help, the B... More »

The download on Bethel’s I.T. department


Any good college has technology. And any form of technology is going to have glitches and breakdowns. It’s a consequence of our extremely rapid development in the field of technology: we innovate faster than we can perfect. To combat this technological gap, we... More »

Photo Essay: Cubs throw a party for the ages


Cubs throw a party for the ages Nov. 4, 2016 will forever go down as the day the Cubs held the largest gathering in U.S. history.  In fact, it’s reported that over 5 million observers lined the streets of Chicago to witness this once-in-a-lifetime experience. ... More »

Editorial: Why a 17-credit limit frustrates me


  This is the start of my fifth year at Bethel. (Well, it’s the third full-time year, I suppose, but who’s counting?) This means I’ve registered for classes a total of 10 times so far. And every year, one thing looms in my face: the ever-dreaded credit limit. ... More »