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Campus Activities Sponsoring Round of Assassin


MISHAWAKA- The game of Assassin started being played on Bethel’s campus in January 2020, and there have been several rounds of the game since then. According to Halee Gaff, one of the game coordinators, Assassin is a “glorified game of tag.” Students sign up a... More »


Workers and Wages Fluctuate on Campus due to Grants


MISHAWAKA–– Working while attending college full-time is a reality for many students on campus. Even with many students needing to work, there are not as many student workers this year and there is a greater need to fill positions so campus can run as smoothly... More »

Three Local Highlights BU Students Should Visit


Alyssa Ritchie, Guest Writer MISHAWAKA–Although Bethel University is a relatively small college of approximately 1,450 students, several of its students are from out of state. Roughly 26 percent of the students are from out of state and 0.82 percent are from o... More »

Bethical News Takes Hiatus


MISHAWAKA–Bethical News, a snarky look at the events and happenings at Bethel, began in 2012 and ran until this school year. Originally, according to Julie Beam, dean of students and Shawn Holtgren, vice president for student development, it was a student’s id... More »

Student boom presents new joys and challenges


Bethel College enrollment has reached its highest level with more than 2,100 students enrolled this fall semester. It’s a welcome increase after a down year last year. “Last year was down compared to past years for no particular reason, but over the last 15 ye... More »