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Three Local Highlights BU Students Should Visit

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Alyssa Ritchie, Guest Writer

MISHAWAKA--Although Bethel University is a relatively small college of approximately 1,450 students, several of its students are from out of state. Roughly 26 percent of the students are from out of state and 0.82 percent are from out of the country. To put this number into perspective, Ball State University had 22,513 students in the year 2017 and only 18 percent of these students were from out of state.  

Most of these out-of-state students had probably seen Bethel University in person only one or two times before moving into the dorms. Travelling from home to an unknown place alone can be scary, but it is better if there are places in the community where you can spend your spare time. Here are three of the best places for Bethel students to visit. 

The Riverwalk - Rated #1 for “Best Things to do in Mishawaka" by TripAdvisor, the Riverwalk includes beautiful landscaping and a wondrous river for everyone to enjoy. This is a great option if a student needs to study or relax for the day. 

University Park Mall - University Park Mall offers a range of shops, from expensive and luxury shops to affordable and moderately priced shops, so that every student in between can find a place to enjoy. University Park Mall also has great options for eateries in their food court which varies in Italian, Chinese and American food. 

Sky Zone Trampoline Park – For students who like to jump around to burn energy, this is a great place to bring friends to hang out and relieve the stress from schoolwork. Whether students just need an hour away or want to take a few hours to escape from due dates, this is a fun option to consider.

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