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Campus Activities Sponsoring Round of Assassin

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MISHAWAKA- The game of Assassin started being played on Bethel’s campus in January 2020, and there have been several rounds of the game since then. According to Halee Gaff, one of the game coordinators, Assassin is a “glorified game of tag.” Students sign up and are each given the name of another participant that they then need to find and tag before they themselves are tagged. The last person standing wins. Each round lasts for 5 days and participants are given different tasks and challenges each day in order to earn points. Even students who have been tagged out can earn points so their game does not end when they get tagged. 

“Our ultimate goal is for students to have fun together as an entire student body through involvement and participation, even after they have been assassinated,” Gaff said. 

The game is coordinated by Bethel students Elisha Fleming and Halee Gaff. The game that started on Oct. 25 is, for the first time, sponsored by Campus Activities. Over $100 in prizes will be awarded throughout the course of the game. This game helps students to connect with each other and meet other students in a fun and competitive way. Students can sign up for future rounds and receive updates through the @bu_assassingame Instagram page.

Previous winner tags final opponent (assassin game)
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