Bethical News Takes Hiatus

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MISHAWAKA--Bethical News, a snarky look at the events and happenings at Bethel, began in 2012 and ran until this school year. Originally, according to Julie Beam, dean of students and Shawn Holtgren, vice president for student development, it was a student’s idea for a satirical perspective about the things happening on campus. The show would be produced each week and would be shown in chapel every Friday as a way for laughs that the whole campus could be involved in.

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“In order for Bethical News to be accurate and funny, it requires a significant time investment from a number of staff and students,” Beam said.

Due to multiple conflicts, including Covid-19, the viewer statistics had been declining, and Nathaniel Montiel, who previously served as the RD of Oakwood and as the director and writer for the show, took a new job, and no one was available at the last minute to fill the position. 

“If we learned that student interest is high in seeing Bethical News return, we’d love to look for ways it could be revived in the future in some form,” Beam said.

Holtgren agreed, and said the discontinuation is likely temporary.

“I would assume we may discuss a possible re-launch at some point in the coming year,” Holtgren said.

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