Hannah’s Handle on Hollywood: Questions for Gaga

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Lady Gaga is captured by her own paparazzi as they photograph her wearing her infamous hair bow. (Photo provided by www. leannpeterson.files.wordpress.com)

So, sometimes when I see a celebrity in the news I think, what would I do if I met that person? Honestly, I would probably attempt to act cool and ask for a picture. But sometimes I feel that if I was given the opportunity I would try to ask them some questions. I mean, when else would you get the chance? So I thought, if I met Lady Gaga, what would be the top three questions I would ask her? Here is what I came up with:

1. How should I refer to you? I mean, do you want me to call you Lady? Or just Gaga? Or is that only for your personal friends. Do I need to address you as Lady Gaga? That seems kind of formal. And where did you come up with that name anyway? I mean … gaga is (or at least was until your sudden climb on the music charts) referred to as a baby jabber word. When you were coming up with your stage name who was the person to say, “I’ve got it … Lady Gaga” and why on earth did you think it was a brilliant idea? It is what it is I suppose. 2. Who on earth is your stylist? I am all about expressing yourself in your attire. I mean, clothing is an art form. But what are you trying to say when you wear a dress made completely of Kermit the frog stuffed animals? “It’s not easy being green?” Are leotards even comfortable? And aren’t the origami dresses constricting? Do you own any jeans? 3. How do you tie your hair in a bow? I mean I don’t hate it, but I just don’t fully understand it. Is it one of those hair headbands, or do you just tie your own hair into a bow on occasion? And if so, how do you do that? It is superb. Well Gaga, if I can call you that, you are the most unique person I have ever seen. I mean you take “being an individual” to another level. Your outfits are bizarre, your hair is intense, but man, are you talented. Your songs are so catchy, and your acoustic version of poker face takes the cake! I don’t really get you, but your songs are always on my iPod. And way to keep your personal life out of the spotlight. Really you only appear in magazines because of your unpredictable attire. That is impressive.
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