Hannah’s Handle on Hollywood: Let’s Face it, You Just Can’t Hate Justin Timberlake

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Photo provided by http://wallpapers.in-world.info/men/justin- timberlake.jpg
Photo provided by http://wallpapers.in-world.info/men/justin- timberlake.jpg
Justin, JT. I was going to continue with all of his nicknames, but I think he only has one. Anyway, when Justin’s name comes up, we automatically think of his ‘N SYNC days. He was a teen heart throb, rockin the charts with his catchy songs, killer dance moves and boy-band dreaminess. But people, it’s 2010. Justin has come a long way and even if he rose to fame as a boy-bander, that isn’t who he is anymore.

There are many reasons that I love Justin, and you probably do too. First of all, Justin really appreciates the music. After he dropped his first solo album, “Justified,” in 2002, he waited four years to release a second CD. That is like an eternity for a record label. We all know that if Justin kept releasing albums yearly like most artists, his CDs would be selling and he would be making money. But Justin doesn’t do that. Clearly, he appreciates the art and wants his album to be the best it can be. Perfection takes time.

Next, Justin has ventured into the acting world. Now, his acting career has not been quite as successful as his music career. “Alpha Dog” was really violent… and that Disney Channel original movie, “Model Behavior,” lived up to the Disney Channel original movie reputation. But hey, at least he’s trying. And his portrayal as Artie in “Shrek the Third” was good.

If his music and movies don’t float your boat, his SNL sketches will. He made quite the splash when he put on a leotard to dance the Single Ladies dance with Beyonce. His digital shorts with Andy Samberg and his other sketches are really funny. He is such a comedian!

Now, if you are the sporty type, you have to appreciate Justin. He has been seen recently in the Sony commercials with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, and the commercials are good. Did you watch the 2008 ESPY Awards? Remember when Justin sang “Why I love Sports”? AWESOME! You can’t say that doesn’t make you like him just a little.

Last, Justin recently sang an amazing rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” with Matt Morris at the “Hope for Haiti” benefit concert. Doing his part to help the world; you’ve got to love it.

He’s an actor, singer, dancer, comedian and philanthropist. What more could you want in a pop sensation?

It is quite obvious that God must have spent a little more time on Justin.

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