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New school year begins

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helmOn Thursday, Aug. 26, Bethel officially opened its doors to a new school year. Some students—such as athletes, freshmen and student orientation leaders—moved onto campus a full week before school began. Boxes, bags and crates of various sizes cluttered the campus as residents rushed to settle into their new homes. By Thursday, nearly all of Bethel’s on-campus students were unpacked and ready for dorm life to begin. In addition to relocating, other adjustments needed to be made for the new school year. Students began to mentally prepare themselves for another year of tests and homework. While some students are probably hoping their professors cut them some slack at for the first few weeks of school, this will not always be the case. Professor Dave Schmidt, for example, plans to take a different approach. “I plan to get up to speed early and then keep a more moderate pace for the rest of the semester,” said Schmidt. Erin Burkett, a transfer nursing student who, is looking forward to some aspects of the academic life this school year. Burkett said that she is excited to participate in clinicals this year and the opportunity to work with real people. She did add, however, that she was already anticipating the long amounts of time she will have to spend studying for her exams this year. Not every student approached the arrival of the new year in the same way. For some, this year will be full of change. Freshmen and transfer groups went through five days of orientation activities designed to help them adjust to college life. From a group trip to Chicago to performing Disney-themed skits in front of their peers, these new students were given a chance to test the waters of campus life before the classwork began. Many students in the First Year Experience program were given the opportunity to meet and interact with one another in a smaller setting but some are looking forward to joining the normal routines of life. “I am excited to start classes and get involved in campus activities,” said freshman Andrew Bonner. Bonner hopes to meet plenty of new faces. Some of Bethel’s more seasoned students, however, have slightly mixed feelings about this new year. “I will miss Bethel because of the community here and the relationships I have made thus far,” said senior Elizabeth Stewart. “But I am looking forward to graduating and starting my career.” Whether a professor, a new student or a more experienced learner, the new school year has arrived and everyone is making the transition.
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