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Freshmen adjust to Bethel

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Freshman are beginning to find their way around Bethel, many times to the amusement of Upperclassmen, who like to forget the fact that they themselves were once Freshman as well. Freshman Orientation began with a bang on Saturday, Aug. 21, as incoming students said goodbye to parents in a symbolic “Rite of Farewell” around the reflection pond and began getting to know other students in their Freshman Year Experience blocks. Over the next few days, freshman participated in all sorts of activities including a trip to Chicago and several hours serving the community around Bethel. The orientation wrapped up with FYE Variety Show on Wednesday, Aug. 25, the day before classes started. For the variety show, each block performed a skit that was loosely based on a popular Disney movie. Some of the crowd’s favourites included the Transfer Block’s rendition of “Mary Poppins” and Block 4’s attempts at rivalling the ever popular “High School Musica”l phenomenon. Over the last few weeks, as the freshman class have been adjusting to life at Bethel, many things have stood out and surprised them. This year’s batch of freshman are from a plethora of backgrounds, states, even countries. Many were not sure what to expect coming into Bethel. “I like the community, how you can go anywhere and strike up a conversation with anyone,” said freshman Josh Kauzlarich. Many other freshmen agreed with Kauzlarich. Others commented on how much they enjoyed chapel services and the emphasis placed on God and prayer in classes. Jacob Busscher, a freshman residing in Oakwood/Slater Hall, said one of the things that stood out to him the most was the “open, welcoming environment” of the students and professors here on campus. Another freshman, Elizabeth Foster, agreed, saying that “The professors are very personal and care about how you are doing in general and in their class.” One of the biggest shocks for several of the freshman guys was the food. Although several were not sure what to think of it, freshman Paul Estes disagreed, saying that the “food is a lot better than people make it sound.” Sophmore Corrie Belobraydich, a block mentor, gave her view about the incoming freshman in her block. “I really hope that we helped to make them feel welcome and comfortable because we are really excited to have them here and get to know them even more,” said Belobraydich. “I also really enjoy being able to have been where they are now and give them advice to help them make their time at Bethel the best that it can be.”
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