R-rated movie ban brings forth different opinions

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Think about what your favorite movie is. What is that movie rated? If it is rated R then it is not allowed at Bethel College. This is one of the many rules here at Bethel College, and it is one of the most disliked rules. Why are R-rated movies banned on campus, and why do some Bethel students have such a problem with this certain rule? “R-rated movies are banned, because there are movies out there that have content that disagree with the community life covenant here at Bethel College,” said Bobby Morton, resident director of Brennamen and Ramsyer. Maintaining a Christian community is the biggest reason for banning R rated movies from campus. “We ban R-rated movies because we don’t want people to be offended or left out from watching a certain movie,” said Travis Beam RD of Manges. So why do some students disagree with this rule. “I think it restricts too many movies,” said sophomore Grace Holmes. “A ton of really good films are rated R and really the only thing bethel is looking to cut out is the sexual content, so if they're going to ban anything it should be that.” “I think we should have some exceptions to the rule,” sophomore Joana Gomez. “Movies that are just showing the truth, like Slum Dog Millionaire, it's just showing reality, and I believe college students are at the point in life that they can handle that, and if not they can decide for themselves what they can watch or not.” Not all students disagree with Bethel banning R-rated movies. “Any movie will have stumbling blocks for any Christian and sadly, R rated movies have much more,” said junior Zach Diller. “The language is worse and the immoral situations are worse normally in an R rated movie. These are things that Christians have compromised on for the sake of entertainment.” Talk has been going around about forming a committee that will evaluate R rated movies brought to them, and approve or disapprove movies based on the type of language, violence, or sexual content. This committee will then create a list of approved R rated movies that will allow students to watch them on campus. “Indiana Wesleyan has an (approval) committee for R-rated movies, and I hope to see that happen at Bethel,” said Beam.
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