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Students and staff discuss issues of diversity in society

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The Center for Intercultural Development lead a discussion called “Healing Waters: Conversations on Diversity in Society” on Wed., Sept. 21. The group of students and staff discussed stereotypes, relationships between races, and racism towards Native Americans. Two of the students leading the discussion along with Theo Williams, associate faculty of communication,  were sophomore Mercy Langat and senior DaVonne Harris. “The turnout was good for the first meeting,” said Langat. “We were expecting between 20 to 40 people and we had people within that bracket.” One of the activities they had was the playing of a video. The video consisted of testimonies given by different individuals. While they were watching they were told to write down any stereotypes about the people they saw. “The stereotypes didn't really have to deal with races,” said Langat. “For example stereotypes about women, old people, handicapped, poor etc. After people wrote them down, Alex Gonzalez, DaVonne Harris and I read some of them out loud and then symbolically ripped them and drowned them in water as a symbol of washing them away from our lives.” According to Langat they got very positive feedback. “We realized that it was just the beginning - we touched the tip of the ice berg,” she said. “We had a lot of good response and we could tell that people want to talk more about this.” Those leading the event would like to continue “Healing Waters” as a series so they can go further in depth in the issues they have already discussed. In the future Harris would like to bring “awareness on Fair Trade and its efforts to end poverty in third world countries.” Langat is also interested in planning a fashion show that will include art and music from different countries. “The proceeds from this will go to a country that needs help,” she said. “This fashion show will most likely be planned by the International Students department. “The heart of Bethel is to become more inter-cultural competent and through intentional dialogue and such events we are one step closer to achieving that,” said Langat. If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more about future events contact DaVonne Harris at or Mercy Langat at
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