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Campus prepares for big name concert

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The Jars of Clay and Brandon Heath Concert is Oct. 12, and there are many tickets still available. Tickets for the concert went on sale Aug. 21, but so far only a quarter of those tickets have been sold. “The concert will hopefully sell out at the door,” said Rosten Hamman, president of Student Council. The concert, which will be held in the Bethel College Gates Gymnasium, costs 8-30 dollars per ticket, depending on seating. There are about 2,000 bleacher seats in the gymnasium, along with space on the floor for people to sit or stand. “We have been posting fliers at various campuses, on campus ‘hot spots’, and PULSE 96.9 has been doing a great job advertising for our concert,” Hamman said, “They will be doing a live remote at Bethel the day of the concert. Other Bethel students, such as Sean Crumpacker, have work responsibilities at the concert. “I will be protecting the dressing rooms for both Brandon Heath and Jars of Clay,” Crumpacker said, “I will also be in charge of the VIP.” Crumpacker will be standing guard at the entrance of the gym, making sure that only those who are intended to enter come in. Those who work at the concert will be given the opportunity to meet the artists face to face, as well as get in to the concert free of charge. “I’m surprised that more people didn’t sign up to help with the concert,” said Crumpacker, “Who wouldn’t want to meet famous artists without paying a penny?” VIP members get to sit in a reserved section, an autographed tour poster, and a question and answer session with Jars of Clay and Brandon Heath before the show. Some are simply excited to see the performers on stage. “I am most excited to see a big concert being brought back to Bethel College,” Hamman said, “Bethel has housed many big bands before, but in the past few years we have not had the opportunity.” Crumpacker shares this excitement. “I am excited to meet one of my favorite artists face to face,” said Crumpacker, “I have been a huge fan of Brandon Heath for awhile now.”
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