If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where and when would you go?

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Paige Heiple, freshman: If I could go back in time for 24 hours I think I would love to go back to the 18th century and visit Jane Austen and see what a day in her life was like, talking to her and enjoy the English countryside. Branden Paulun, senior: I'd go back to the Prohibition Era and work for Al Capone. I'd also watch some of the greatest baseball players who ever played the game. Ted Bryant, professor: I would go back to December 6th 1997 ( when I was in college) and fall back in love with my wife for the first time all over again. Lindsay Stork, sophomore: I would go back to my junior year in high school and I would spend a whole day with three of my close friends that have passed away since then. Their names were Bethany, Blake, and Julissa. I would just love to spend one whole day with just the four of us, having fun, sharing stories, and laughing our heads off to each others’ jokes & pure randomness. During those last 24 hours I would also like to watch for one last time, the unbelievable musical talents that both Bethany and Blake were gifted with. We would have our own little concert on the beach for Jesus! Blake would play his drums, as Bethany sings her heart out, and Julissa and I would join in by "trying to" play the tambourine or the maracas. Next we would go jet skiing, boating/tubing, and swim with dolphins and go bungee jumping! Finally, we would stay up all night long and go bowling, ride go-carts, play mini golf, and finish by eating & chillin’ at Steak N' Shake! We would pretty much have the time of our lives together all within 24 hours! Tabbitha Coughlin, freshman: I'd go back to Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010, when I had the chance to go home and see my family for the day. Lisa Chang, sophomore: I would go back to my bed Nakita Walter, senior: I would go back in time to Noah and slap those two mosquitoes. Tyler Mick, sophomore: I would go back into my own past, find myself, and give myself some advice that would hopefully prevent me from making a poor decision I was soon to make. Carol Dorough, dean of nursing: To my Dad’s room the day he died. Tonya Denton, coordinator of corporate and foundation relations: I would go back to the time of Jesus; listening to him speak in context would be awesome Rachelle Courtney, freshman: I would go back to a time with my grandma whom I was really close to and just spend one happy day with her again. Eddie Derham, sophomore: I would go back to summertime when it was nice and warm on the Bethel Campus.
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